How to Learn German Easily

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Experts say it is very easy to learn German just in a span of 3 months. But at the same time say that it is tough to learn proper fluency as that of a native German.

And of course, German vocabulary is a bit difficult to learn, there are some solid long words. But this will become easy with a German language course.

In this blog, we will help German language aspirants with a few steps to learn German faster than you think.

Determine your ‘purpose’ first:

If your stance is right, everything is perfectly aligned.

Do you remember this? Before you start learning a new language, you should be clear with yourself with the purpose why you prefer to learn. Only the purpose can systematically lead to other steps towards a successful end.

There are many reasons to learn German language;

  •         To converse with a German family
  •         To read German classics
  •         To find a German job
  •         To speak to the natives (you might plan to migrate)
  •         To explore German culture

Change your language preferences:

It’s not rocket science to learn a new language quickly but not with a strategy. The first step is always creating a German atmosphere around you at your own place.

The best way to do this is to change language preferences around you. Here are some few ways.

  •         Change language settings in your personal computer (this is a famous technique).
  •         Find some chat partner; there are many German speaking people everywhere around the world. You can expect help from them.
  •         Start with reading translations and gradually start reading German language straight without translations.
  •         Watch German films, programs and German news channels. You can find a really authentic language in the news channels.
  •         Include German music in the list

All these minor practices will drive you closer to the German language proficiency.

A beginner’s trick to learn fluency:

This is about regularly used transition words in our daily conversations. Like any other language, German too has a set of phrases that will help you avoid that awkwardness when you speak to native speakers. These phrases are connectors in your conversations.

For example, if someone asks “How do you do?” then instead of answering “fine” try to make it little organic with some daily used phrases like “In fact, that is a good question, things are pretty fine”.

Such phrases are very helpful to develop your fluency as you could use them in different situations. All you need to know is just learn them.

Hack the language:

There are some shortcuts to hack any language. Here are some that might come to help you towards proficiency.

Spaced repetition system (SRS) is a great hack to learn new vocabulary. It helps you memorize phrases very effectively.

It is an advanced version of flash card system. It creates a presentation in your mind before you forget it and keeps it always fresh. SRS is based on technology (app).

Don’t give up the old school method of flash cards. Even flash card system can assist you with its own uniqueness.

Divide and rule; hit the easy parts of the language:

Believe this! No language is really difficult to learn if you have a proper strategy to move on.

This ‘divide and rule policy’ explain you to learn all the easy thing of the language one after one. This will let you isolate the so called difficult parts of the language which you can conquer with a tender mind.

Because, German has a lot that are comparatively easier than other languages. So, while learning, focus on the easy parts of the language and then hack the difficult parts as explained in the element above. A successful full stop, Right!

Your confidence matters:

Remember that your strategy gives you confidence. There are many other ways to accelerate your speed. Consider the above steps and it will take as close as possible to your destiny sooner.

Determining purpose means to understand why do you need this language to? This is the start up of your journey. Changing your language preferences will immerse you effectively in the German culture and literature. Spaced Repetition System (SRS) will let you hack the difficult parts of the German language where the ‘divide and rule’ system will give make you access the easiest parts of the language. Your confidence is the helm of your language training system through a German language course. Happy learning! 

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