How to Improve CRS Score in Express Entry to Apply For Canada PR

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  1. Language: Language ability is one of the primary factors considered in the Express Entry draw for selecting skilled workers to work in Canada. Of total points, the language ability worth up to 260 CRS points for each candidate.  Since, English and French are the official languages of Canada, taking both English or French classes helps in acquiring a good language score. Additionally, the candidates can gain some additional points to their total score by improving their proficiency in the four language abilities- reading, speaking, writing and listening. But, the threshold is these extra points are gained only if the candidate achieves the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level of 9 in each of them. If you are having a decent knowledge over French Language or ever been a student in a French school, consider taking the Test d’évaluation du français (TEF). 
  2. Work: The fact is that candidates with work experience in Canada were given more weight than workers with non-Canadian work experience. However, the candidates working in Canada are given preference only if he has at least three years of full-time experience. If you are not having three years of Canadian Work Experience, continue to work, as this draw is more acute for candidates currently working in Canada. Being the major focus of the draw is on the candidates working in Canada on a work permit; they were given more points and also rewarded for each annual up to five years. Therefore, make sure that you are working in Canada and maintain a legal work status the entire time.
  3. Study: The first priority of the draw is to hire candidates with Canadian study experience. The candidates with the same can increase their score significantly. Therefore, studying in Canada is the best way for applying into Express Entry.
  4. Education: If you have two or more certificates, degrees, or diplomas, you can claim under the education section for extra points. Furthermore, having an additional education level is also beneficial. If you are the one who is few months or courses away from completing a certification, degree, or diploma, still you can improve your ranking while assessing under the CRS. 
  5. Spouse: Another best way to improve your CRS score is through your spouse. Based on your spouses’ education level, Canadian Work experience and language ability, you will be rewarded with an additional potential to improve your CRS score. You can add up to 30 points in total- 20 points based on your partners’ first language scores and 10 points for getting done ECA for your partner’s education.
  6. Provincial Nominee Programs: These are the resources which help you boost your CRS score. The Provincial Nominee Programs help you to boost your CRS score with 600 points. Additionally, these programs enable you to get invited into the open arms of your chosen province. PNP categories often open and close quick within days or even hours. A nomination under Express Entry Provincial Nominee programs from any of the Canadian provinces adds additional 600-points to your overall CRS score. In most cases, it will secure you with an ITA in the next draw. Remember to display the complete records of your education and work to promptly make an application.
  7. Job Offer: If you are not current staying in Canada, obtaining a job offer can be difficult. Sometimes, the relative value of the qualifying job offer may decrease than it was in the past. It may have the value 50 CRS points down. Since, obtaining a job in Canada is an important factor, Don’t get disappointed! There are plenty of online resources to find the best employment opportunities in Canada. Click Here for Canada Permanent Resident Visa

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