How to improve AWA in GMAT?

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The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) in the GMAT exam is designed to measure your ability to think about a topic critically and then communicate your ideas about the topic. In this section, you’ll be asked to analyze and critique arguments and judge them based on your ability to do so thoroughly, clearly, and thoughtfully.

The GMAT AWA section includes one writing task that lasts for the 30-minute essay. However, you’ll complete the AWA portion of the GMAT exam first and then continue with every other GMAT test section.

The GMAT sections are carefully constructed to test your readiness for an MBA program and for your post-MBA career. The ability to impartially analyze an argument and conveying it clearly in your perspective. However, it is a highly essential post-your MBA career.

How to create a well rounded Analytical Writing Assessment essay?

A perfect AWA essay requires a proper understanding of the process thus creating a well-rounded analysis of an argument. Practice more and more!

Even if you don’t buy this tool, you still get to know what GMAT considers an ideal essay to be from it. An ideal essay should:

Moreover, an ideal AWA essay of GMAT should:
  • Identify the flaws in the given argument
  • Analyze significant flaws in the given argument
  • Support critiques using relevant supporting reasons and/or examples
  • Be a well-organized and coherent response
  • Demonstrate control of language, including syntax, diction, and conventions of standard written English.
Here are some tips that will support your success on the GMAT AWA.

Planning: This is the first and foremost thing every GMAT exam applicant should be aware of. Finding objections to and flaws in the prompt argument is an essential thing to ace the GMAT AWA. Create a list of flaws and select the most relevant ones among them. Finally, start writing considering the list of insightful flaws.

Recognizing Unstated Assumptions: It helps you in effectively dealing with critical reasoning questions in the GMAT exam. Moreover, it even serves in attacking the prompt argument in your AWA.

Follow the Directions: Understanding the directions of the AWA section in the GMAT exam is one of the crucial steps to ace the test with a higher score. The GMAT AWA section asks you specifically to critique and argument based on its strengths and challenges. Moreover, following the directions help you achieve the best score.

Develop a Clear Structure: Learn how to write a clear AWA essay. It is not essential to write a lengthy or most interesting one. Moreover, you should follow a proper and easy-to-follow structure. It should consist of an introduction, body paragraphs (3-4) and a conclusion.

Look at sample AWA templates: Reviewing sample templates of GMAT AWA guides you in how to format your AWA essays in the best possible manner. However, if you are one prepping with an expert GMAT tutor at, they will provide these templates during your course.

Proofread your Essay: After completing your essay, proofread it properly considering distinct levels simultaneously. Check for the spellings, structure, pronounce each word within your mouth engaging your brain. Proofreading helps you avoid mistakes and catch subtle mistakes.

Follow the above tips while writing the AWA essay to attain a good score in the GMAT exam. Still confused about how to improve AWA in the GMAT exam, get the help of our experts who are experts in providing effective coaching with complete material at…click here for the best GMAT Coaching in Hyderabad.

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