How to get 115+/120 Score in the TOEFL

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Are you applying for TOEFL? Obtaining a score of 115 out of 120 is considerably a hard task unless you master the TOEFL test prep tips.

TOEFL is one of the world-wide accepted multi-level English Language Proficiency assessment test. Factually, it is preferred by non-native English speakers to prove their abilities in the English language. The TOEFL is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS) in different parts of the world.

The test assesses the basic language skills such listening, speaking, reading and writing. The actual duration of the TOEFL test is 4 ½ hours and the minimum duration is 3 hours 10 minutes.

Among the productive preparation TOEFL tips and tricks, the first one is always to know the test pattern.

The TOEFL Test Pattern:

Have a look at the brief description of the TOEFL test pattern.

  • Reading part has duration of 60-80 minutes and you have to answer 36-56 questions
  • Listening part has duration of 60-90 minutes where you have to answer 34-51 questions
  • Speaking part in TOEFL exam completes in 20 minutes where you should complete 6 tasks· Writing part gives you 50 minutes to complete 2 tasks

TOEFL Listening Tips:

The TOEFL Listening part assesses your encompassing skills in English language regarding education. During the listening test, you will listen to the lectures, speeches or conversations in English you have to answer around 50 questions.

Listen to Radio and Television:

This is the best way to improve your listening skills. Make a habit of listening to radio broadcasting and debates and discussions in television. You can choose to watch English movies and feature shows to find frequently used language.

Practice Making Notes:

You need to make notes to understand important things in the recording. While in listening practice, you should maintain a running note that ensures your coherence with the audio. Everything you feel important should be put on the paper and it helps you to identify your progress.


It is crucial to develop your understanding abilities with respect to comfort. Observe, native English speakers have an accent that is pretty smooth.  In fact, it is hard to understand and grasp certain words. But, with constant practice, you will be comfortable with any foreign accent.

TOEFL Reading Tips:

In the reading section of the TOEFL exam, your task is to read 3 to 4 passages and answer the following questions. The total number of questions to answer is around 30-50. The TOEFL reading test assesses your ability to identify and analyze the test and answer with the suitable answers.

Keep Reading English Articles:

Obviously, magazines, newspapers and books become the best part of your English reading practice. In addition, you are able to develop your vocabulary as well as different ways of sentence construction.


Clearly, the TOEFL tests your English vocabulary skills; you should prove your grammatical range. Therefore, you ought to practice grammar like other subjects. So, you must invest time to practice tenses, speech and voice as they form the foundation of English grammar.

Comprehension is Crucial:

The Reading section contains comprehension passages where you have to summarize and describe the passage. To succeed in this, you should understand the inner concept of the passage and practice makes you efficient to make it fast.

TOEFL Speaking Tips:

You have a total of 6 tasks to complete. Interesting part here is that you have to speak on topics that are in listening and reading parts.

For this, you must have a speaking partner to improve your speaking abilities. While speaking, focus on grammar, fluency and pronunciation. Your target is to be comfortable while speaking in public.

Review Yourself:

When you practice speaking, it is recommended to record your voice and review yourself.  After you have completed reading or speaking exercise, listen to the recording and think whether you are moving fast or slow, your pronunciation and fluency while talking. This practice makes you know your strengths and weaknesses and areas where you have to improve with further practice.

Gather Knowledge:

You have to gather knowledge in order to speak in a sensible way. You don’t have to deal with random topics; the topic you talk about is something relevant to you. Furthermore, you have to talk about the topics in the reading and listening section.

The main point here is to spontaneously react to the questions. Gathering knowledge will provide weight to the speech or argument you present.

TOEFL Writing Tips:

You have to answer 2 tasks here in the writing test. Interestingly, the writing test involves essay responses to the topics in reading and listening sections.

Next, you have to write an argumentative essay as a task response and give your opinion about an idea.

Practice Reading:

Keep reading books, articles, magazines and newspapers. The reason is to build a good amount of knowledge. This will make your essay more effective with various elements included.

Research and Maintain Notes:

Writing section asks you to express your opinion by evaluating an issue. Therefore, to give an impressive opinion, you need to research a lot to know how to talk in favor of or against any problem.

Also, maintaining notes is helpful in many ways. Whatever you do in your practice, note every new thing you have learned. And, every unknown thing you need to.


Include above tricks in your TOEFL Preparation sessions for a good score. Practice more mock tests (timed mock tests) to improve adaptability. In addition, you should also practice typing skills. Because, typing is very crucial in cracking the TOEFL as you have to type in a limited time span. And finally, don’t delay to Practice, Practice and Practice!

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