How to Crack GRE – Best Tips and Tricks to Crack GRE

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‘How to crack GRE?’ would be your first question if you plan to obtain admission for a master’s degree or a doctoral degree at a graduate school in the United States.

The GRE test is about – the assessment of

  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Verbal skills (language proficiency)
  • Quantitative comparison (Mathematical concepts and calculation)

In general, the GRE exam suits a person if he/she wishes to pursue a master’s degree such as MIM, MS or an MBA study program abroad. And, every GRE aspirant wonders “How to crack the GRE”.

The GRE test is taken by hundreds of thousands all over the world every year. Actually, according to statistics, the Indian student population of GRE test takers is rapidly increasing with time. So, it conveys that Indian youngsters are aspiring to study as an international student.

To fulfill your dream to study for a master’s in the universities of the United States, it is very important to prepare yourself for the test prior. For this, you need a proper plan, strategy and that is what we provide here now in this blog to help you out.

Ok! Let’s recall the question again! How to crack the GRE?

Yes, it takes a bit of planning as well as some GRE tips and tricks to make your winning easier.

Stay Ahead of Time:

Firstly, fix your exam date (approximately 3 months) beforehand so that you can plan your GRE test prep. Yet, you can expect very impressive results if you plan a test prep time around 5 months.

Look, it is not because the GRE exam syllabus is some kind of rocket science that you cannot crack it easily. But, the GRE test is a pretty structured one and at every next question, there is a mind teaser (you should believe it). While understanding a question, it seems to be in a form which it is not.

Therefore, it is possible to ace the GRE test only with a consistent and strategize a plan. As said above, ample test prep time will offer you a balanced mind.

Time-Table is Your Time-Guide:

In fact, to manage time effectively, you need to organize it first. It can be done with the help of a perfectly planned time-table. This will also enable you to focus on the weaker parts.

Hence, with the help of a time-table, the practitioner often will be conscious of his work as well as progress. Hence, there will be an improvement in productivity and also efficiency.

Note, all these things can boost up your confidence with which you will be able to handle your weaknesses effectively.

Stay Determined:

Important, determination itself is substantial and to be determined, you should work with consistency and continuity. Yes! GRE preparation with respect to its difficulty levels to crack needs solid determination.

A good suggestion is, always keep yourself motivated and don’t forget why you decided to appear in the GRE test. The foundation for all this is an un-deviated self-confidence.

So, whatever you think while you are in GRE training time, include the GRE test in your ideas. It would help to always stay connected with your goal (it might be a short term goal).

So, decide on a good time period and follow the strict discipline to crack your priorities.

Refer to Multiple Resources:

Look, if you are seriously thinking about cracking the GRE (or any practical goal), you should make your mind go limitless. We mean, to ‘crack the GRE’, don’t rely only on one book or study material, and try as many books as possible. Because certain books intensely focus on certain subjects and lessons.

It is recommended that; pick and choose the material you require. Along with that, always watch yourself about your progress. Again, pick and choose what you need. This is the way to optimize your practice to the best.

Finally, you should guide yourself on the right path towards the best GRE score possible.


Actually, something wrong might happen with anyone if they constantly practice again and again. Such cases often make your practice a little off balance. Consequently, you will simply fall into a rut.

Undoubtedly, it might lead to a bit of confusion. Still, you can get rid of it by regular self-quizzes.

For this, frame the questions of your wish and preference. It is just for a variation in your training program. Construct a question paper with a combination of quant, a verbal and a few analytical thinking topics. Just play with it!

Your training program will be interesting and you will be excited about it.

Never Over-Consider Anything:

Remember! We are not here to master the subjects; your goal is to crack the GRE test. Unfortunately, there are students who are constantly trying to solve considerably complicated problems but face troubles while facing easy rate problems. This is one of the best of tips and tricks to crack GRE.

Simultaneously, you should segregate question types and plan to practice a few types per week. Through this, one will be able to gain skills in an organized manner.

Now, revision plays a key role in perfecting your skills. Every time after you complete a new topic, revise all the old ones. This would gradually and also firmly establish the concepts in your mind.

“If you are not mentally liberal, you cannot conquer the subject, you will just pass through it”

Spot and Identify Your Weaknesses:

First of all, you should know your weaknesses. Without doing this, your training is no way worthy. The mistake is, continuously working on the topics you are good at. If it is, when would you perfect the topics you are not strong?

Always, if you want to be successful in the GRE test, you should attain skills that are even. Note that, there are different types of concepts involved in the GRE examination syllabus. However, you can’t ignore any topic among them.

Therefore, identify your weak points and make a special schedule for perfecting them. Believe this, if you become evenly skillful in all the topics, you will be a combination wizard in solving even complicated questions.

Note, you will no longer need to stay in the medium question zone. Your target is the higher limit.

Understand the Traps:

Obviously, apart from Analytical Writing (AWA), both Quant and Verbal sections are really tricky. It doesn’t mean that they are inaccessible. But they stay under disguise to trap you. There are a lot of shortcuts.

Then, if you know how to eliminate the traps and applying correct shortcuts and techniques, you will save a lot of time.

Hence, you should train yourself in anticipating the traps (first of all understanding the question). Remember, for this to happen you should be thorough in all the basic concepts.


Success in the GRE is blended with the long journey of your test prep and training methods. Yes, it’s not really easy, but you can hit the mark with reliable resources.

We at Texas Review being the best GRE coaching center in Hyderabad strive to make you master your dream goal (not just the subject topics). With an organized team including qualified and experienced faculty and the best material which we continuously update, we guarantee success.

With more than 90% of our successful students pursuing their studies abroad, we experience a new beginning traveling with every new batch. ALL THE BEST!!!

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