How to apply for Australia PR from India?

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Are you in a plan to work and settle in Australia? Then, these details about how to apply for Australia PR will surely be useful for you.

In this blog, we will give you the complete details of the Australian PR benefits, cost, key requirements. Besides, we also present to you the process to apply, categories and the point system along with the eligibility criteria.

What is the Australian PR?

If you have an Australia PR (Permanent Residency), you are allowed to work and settle for a period of 5 years there.

If you wish, you can change your status to a citizen after 3 years of work. In addition, the Australian PR visa allows your family too.

Australian PR benefits:

There are many benefits to avail through Australian PR. Have a look at them.

  • You are free to work, live and settle in any part of Australia
  •  Your family members can accompany you
  • Australian Government provides free education for children to a certain age
  • You are eligible to sponsor relatives for PR status
  •  Health benefit for the entire family
  •  You can travel anywhere within the country

Australian PR Eligibilities:

If you want to be a permanent resident of Australia, you need to meet some requirements to become an eligible candidate. We will share the list of requirements below.

  •  Under the point’s Grid, a minimum score of 65 points is must
  •  The applicant should be below 45 years
  • The applicant has to prove his English language proficiency
  • In Australia’s Skilled Occupation Lists, one should nominate with an occupation
  •  Once you want to apply, the designated Australian authorities must assess your skills and the candidate should prove.
  • In addition to the above, the candidate’s health and character are also assessed.
The cost of Australian PR as per 2019:

If you are a primary applicant, the total processing cost for an Australian Permanent Resident visa is $4,045 9 (Australian dollars, in Indian rupees, it is Rs. 1,95,000).
An Australian dependent visa applicant over 18 years costs $1876 Australian dollars (95,180 Indian rupees).

However, if it is an Australian dependent visa under 18 years, it cost $940 Australian dollars (48,000 Indian rupees).
The skill assessment fee generally varies with the occupation, and it is not included above.

How to apply for Australian PR?

After you are done with your eligibility assessments, it’s a must to score 65 points in order to qualify for the Australian PR process.
Once you are qualified for the PR visa, it is time to apply for a skill assessment. As mentioned above, the designated authority will conduct the skill assessment.

Later you should submit your application online.
Note, the so-called online pool system, “Expression of Interest” and you have to submit the needed documents to DIBP within 60 days of your application acceptance. This is followed by document verification. Once it is successful, you are granted a visa.

Australian Permanent Resident visa – the process of application:

  • If you know that you are eligible, you can apply
  • Application to a designated authority to assess your skills
  • EOI (Expression of Interest) submission
  • Once your EOI is accepted, you should apply for the visa online (with all documents required) within 60 days.

Now, we will go with a detailed description of the process and processing time as well.
In fact, there are different stages to determine the exact processing time regarding PR application. Every process has its own processing time. Let’s go through the time period details of the General Skilled Migration.

EOI (Expression of Interest):

We have an official website of Australia by name ‘Skill select’. You have to prove your interest here. Eligibility score fairly implies this.

It is a direct proportionality – the chances for Invitation to apply are directly proportional to your score. Higher your score, the higher the chances for your Invitation to Apply. The processing time depends on the score.

Skill assessment:

Your academic qualifications and previous work experience determine your skillset.

You as an applicant should submit all the needed documents (faster the documents are provided, sooner the result will be). Australian designated skill assessment body assesses this within a time of around 45 – 60 days.

Visa Application:

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is the one that takes care of Visa applications. After you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), it is to submit a visa application to DIBP.

You should submit it within a span of 60 days of ITA.

Besides, if anyone is accompanying you, you should add their details too.

Health & character certificates:

Medical and verification related documents might take a little longer time. Therefore submit them soon after you receive ITA. It helps you to speed up the visa process.

Visa Approval:

Once the process starts and if the DIBP is satisfied with your submissions, you will be granted a Visa. Note that this entire process takes around 3 – 5 months and you have 6 months to migrate after visa approval.

What do you need for an Australian Permanent Residency (for an Indian citizen)?

If you are an Indian and a skilled professional, first match your qualifications to the required parameters. You should gain a minimum of 65 points according to Australia Point Calculation System.

Also, they consider some settlement funds (as an ability to manage livelihood in Australia).

There are some crucial requirements that an Indian citizen needs to migrate to Australia. Let’s list them out.

  1. Academic certificates
  2. Language proficiency in English
  3. Previous work experience
  4. Passport & migration permission from Australian authorities (travel documents)
  5. Police Verification and medical certificates
  6. Proofs regarding funds (bank accounts, bonds and cash, etc.)

If your information, the total expenses for an Indian to pay for an Australian PR visa ranges from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 40000(depends on the number of members accompanying).

Australian PR visa categories for Indian citizens:

Indian citizens can choose their preferred option out of many corresponding to their requirements and eligibility. Here are some popular Australian immigration pathways.

Skilled Independent Visa:

This category comes under Subclass 189 is one of the most popular categories for Australian PR. You will have to meet its requirements if you want to migrate as a skilled worker. It does not give you any sponsorship. You need an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Australia PR for that.

Skilled Nominated Visa:

Under Subclass 190, this category is for Australian state/territory nominated skilled workers. You need it if you want to prove your occupation in the Skilled Occupation List. In this category, within the territory, you can apply for any sector.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa:

To meet the skill requirement in regional areas of Australia, they introduce Subclass 489 (Skill Regional visa. For this, you need sponsorship or nomination from the state (or territory). This category permits you to live in Australia for 4 years.

How to apply for Australian PR from India?

Many skilled workers in India are aspirants of Australia PR. The PR status holders in Australia have many benefits regarding career, health and their future too.

Now, let us go through the steps involved when you apply for a skilled worker migration program.

Select an occupation from the SOL (Skilled Occupation List). Your occupation should be listed in SOL. 3 types of SOL exist;

  • MTSSL (Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List)
  • CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List).
  • SOL (Short term Skilled Occupation List)
  1. As already said, your qualifications should meet the Australia Points Calculator with a minimum of 65 points. In fact, while calculating the points they consider your age, academic education, work experience and language abilities, etc are.
  2. Submit your EOI (Expression of Interest) from the official Australia skill select website. Fill the application and submit it. you will reach the pool where all the candidates submitted their EOIs’ are placed.
  3. If your application satisfies the requirements, you will get ITA (Invitation to Apply) for PR.
  4. Immediately after receiving ITA, apply for PR within 60 days with all required and valid documents.
  5. Along with all the above, you need to submit your medical and police verification certificates also. In particular, these might take some time. So make it as fast as possible. These are essential to accelerate your PR approval process.
  6. Wait for the Visa. Once you get the Visa, you can fly to Australia as a Permanent Resident (PR).
  7. Still have queries on Australia PR, contact our immigration Australia support team …  ALL THE BEST!!!

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