How to Apply for a Canadian Spouse Visa?

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Canada spouse visa is the permitted visa for the spouse of a Canadian permanent resident. As we all are aware, Canada is the perfect place to settle with your family and enjoy quality life with the best standards. Canada is a country with immigrants throughout the world.

There are 60 distinct Canada Permanent Residence Visa schemes and immigration schemes for distinct kinds of people. Moreover, there is a specific visa class, which is only for spouses and children. Furthermore, it is also popular as a Dependent Visa.

Furthermore, there are some strict requirements for the sponsors to fulfill so that he can sponsor his eligible family members to join him there.

Some basic details about Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

Canada Spouse Visa enables Canada, permanent residents, to sponsor a spouse of a conjugal partner who is of at least 18 years of age living outside of Canada.

A conjugal partner is a person who is of the opposite or same-sex lived within a conjugal relationship for a minimum of one year with the sponsor. Moreover, you must have lived continuously for at least 12 months, with exceptions of family reasons and short business trips.

The Canada Spouse visa lets you sponsor your partner or spouse who can then apply for the Canada PR. To achieve this, you must be financially strong enough to support your spouse. Furthermore, it is essential that your partner must not require any social assistance from Canada.

Who can sponsor their spouse or partner on Canada Spouse Visa?

Now let’s have a look on who can sponsor a Canadian Spouse Visa

  • Should be at least 18 years
  • Must ensure that you are not getting any social assistance from the Canadian government.
  • Must be a citizen of Canada or Canadian permanent resident
  • If you are living in the Quebec province then you should for any specific requirements of that province.

Who can apply for a Canadian Spouse Visa?

The following people can apply for the Canadian Spouse Visa:

The Spouse of a Canadian citizen married and is above 18 years.

The common-law partner or the conjugal partner above 18 years and been living with you for at least 1 year.

What are the basic rules applied for sponsoring the spouse?

The candidate who is applying for the spouse visa should possess the following Canadian spouse visa rules to include: He/She must

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a citizen of Canada or a Canadian permanent resident
  • Have a clean criminal record without any serious offense
  • Have not been invited to Canada as a sponsored spouse within the last 5 years

Factors that can terminate your chances of sponsoring your Spouse

For some reason, your spouse visa can be rejected. Here are some reasons for your sponsorship application could be denied.

  • Ineligible to sponsor: you should meet the minimum income requirements for three taxation years for preceding the sponsorship application.
  • Ineligible to be sponsored: The family member who is being sponsored must fulfill the basic eligibility requirements that are applicable to all PR applicants. This is to filter the ineligible applicants who are unable to pass the requirements.
  • Permanent Resident Living Outside Canada: The sponsorship is not only for the sponsor who is residing outside Canada. The Canadian spouse visa application will be allowed only if he/she proves that they are residing in Canada.
  • Undeclared Family Members: The person who is applying for Canada PR should declare all the family members in the PR application. More if failed to do this, the application of sponsorship can be denied.
  • Misinterpretation in the Application Form: All parties involved in the sponsorship application should provide the right information in the application. Any misrepresentation may lead to application rejection.
  • Marriage of Convenience: Canadian permanent residents can sponsor their foreign spouse with application vetted to prevent any occurrences of marriage fraud. It contains detailed information about the sponsor’s relationship with the spouse including details of relationship commencement, description of the marriage solemnization, and other aspects assessing the real nature of the relationship.

For any assistance on how to apply for the Canadian Spouse Visa, Contact the experts in Canada immigration consultancy at any moment.

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