How much does it Cost to Study in the UK?

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 How much does it Cost to Study in the UK?

 The UK is home to some of the world’s best colleges and universities.  It is a prominently celebrated study abroad destination that attracts millions of students across the globe.

Along with the world’s top notch universities, the UK also has a high cost of studying and living. To draw an estimate is quite a task for a UK study aspirant. So to ease things out, we bring this blog which will guide you through the expense structure of the country and help you in making financial decisions required to study in the UK. Read on!

 Why Study in the UK?

The UK has been the favourite destination for some of the most educated minds in history. So if you dream of pursuing your further education from a UK Institution, you are in the right direction. The UK educational institutions are top ranked and their qualifications are valued and acclaimed internationally. A major factor which attracts lakhs of students to the UK colleges and universities is its flexible choice of academic and vocational courses. You are presented with the option of selecting the courses which best suits your interest. Such a system gives you the freedom to develop different skill sets which eventually goes a long way in boosting your career.

Studying in the UK also gives you the opportunity to be trained under some of the world’s leading academic experts. 

India is a major source of international students for the UK.  To boost this movement the UK government has framed certain friendly laws for international students. The country has now allowed a 2 year stay back post completion of your program.

An estimated living expense of an Indian student is calculated in the table below:

Study expenses for Indian Students in UK:

Types of expenses Cost in GBP Cost in INR
UK application fees £348 ₹34,438
Entrance exam fees £185 ₹18,308
Application fee for UK universities £50-150 ₹4,948-₹14,848
Undergraduate bachelors program £10,000 to £38,000 ₹9,89,897-₹37,61,240
Post graduate masters program £11,000 to £30,000 ₹10,88,786-₹29,69,417
Doctoral program £18,000 ₹17,81,441


Undergraduate Students Expenses in UK:

Programs Average annual fees(GBP) Average annual fees(INR)
Diploma course £ 10- £ 15000 8-10 Lacs
engineering £ 16-22000 16-22 lacs
Medicine £30-40000 30-40 lacs
Arts £ 10-15000 10-15 lacs
Law £15-18000 15-18 lacs


Postgraduate Students Expenses in UK:

Programs Average annual fees(GBP) Average annual fees(INR)
Engineering £14-20000 14-20 lacs
Arts £10-15000 10-15lacs
MBA £10-40000 10-40lacs
Dentistry £20-30000 20-30 lacs
Law £12-34000 12-35 lacs
Medicine £25-35000 25-35 lacs


Cost of living expenses in UK:

Types of expense INR
Housing ₹50,000
Transportation ₹15-20,000
Food ₹15-20,000
Leisure ₹5,000
Tier 4 visa ₹90,000 per month (as proof of sufficient funds)


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Tier 4 Visa

To study in the UK, it is mandatory for an Indian student to obtain a Tier 4 visa. It is also demanded that the tuition fees for the first academic year be paid in full. If you are not willing to pay the full fee for the first year, it is expected that you submit proof of your financial stability with documents amounting to 9 months worth of living costs.  This increases the cost of studying in the UK for Indian students.

Tips to reduce cost of living in the UK

  •     Most of the UK universities offer campus accommodation for foreign students at minimal charges or free of cost. Take advantage of this as this is the cheapest option and will save a few bucks.
  •   While travelling from one place to another, use public transportations like buses and trains.  
  •   Restrict ordering in food or eating out. Cook your own food and save upto almost ₹10,000 per month.
  •   UK permits international students to work part time while studying and support themselves financially. Take advantage of this law and earn a few bucks.

 UK Scholarships for Indian students

  •                 Hornby Scholarships 2018
  •                 Chevening Scholarship
  •                 Oxford India Centre Scholarship
  •                 University of East Anglia Scholarships
  •                 Education Grants by Tata Trusts
  •                 Academy Asia Senior Fellowship
  •                 Inlaks Scholarships
  •                 Felix Scholarships
  •                 Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships
  •                 The Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  •                 The Rhodes Scholarships India
  •                 Graduate Scholarships at LSE
  •                 Research Council UK Scholarships

Top Universities to study in the UK

  •                 University of Oxford
  •                 University of Cambridge
  •                 Imperial College London
  •                 London School of Economics and Political Science
  •                 King’s College London
  •                 University of Warwick
  •                 University of Bristol
  •                 University College London

 The Post Study Work Visa in UK

The Post Study Work Visa is a temporary visa that allows international students to live and work in the UK after completion of their course. Students can now stay upto 2 years after graduation and 3 years after their PhD as per the PSWV program. This program is designed to retain the best of students from all disciplines and provide them with the best employment opportunities in the UK.


Q. Is the UK expensive to study and live?

A.UK has expensive cities as well as cheap cities which cater to the academic needs of students accordingly.

Q.How much does it cost to pursue an undergraduate degree in the UK?

A.The tuition fee for the UK is approximately 10,000 pounds.

Q.How much does it cost for an Indian to study in the UK?

A. The tuition fee ranges between 15-50 lacs.

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