How is the life in Germany?

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You might have already heard that Germany is a European country; it is an environment friendly land of opportunities. And of course it is a land of beautiful cities and towns.

In this blog, let’s explore life in Germany with a descriptive analysis of many aspects there.

Currency is the first priority:

Once you enter a new country, currency is always the first priority. The official currency of Germany is the Euro. Without this, you will not be able to do anything. And of course, you could use your debit cards and credit cards, but you will be charged with additional expenses.

Language of Germany:

Next to currency, you should know about the official language used in the place you wish to go. Official language of Germany is ‘German’. As English is the universal language, people speak English too. But if you plan to move around, it is better to have some native language skills.

It will be displeasure if you are not able to say hi or thank you at least (in German).

But if you learn the language, that would be a true great asset socially, educationally and professionally.


One might deliver this or not, ‘Peace’ is the ultimate challenge for everyone in the path of life. 

As anywhere else in the world, Germany too is occupied with some busy time table. But German people love their silence. Exclude pubs and rave parties, go anywhere and you will find it quite.

In addition, there are a lot of opportunities and a comparatively low level of corruption. One can easily find a job in Germany.

What about German Rules:

They are all a bit stereotypes and they love to stick to their rules. They have their own rules recognized by their law and unrecognized as well.

Call them perfectionists and you can’t expect to slip if you do something unlawful.

Never jaywalk or have a dirty look as someone would stop you and scold. So please get to know the rules before you step in your new home.

Worker’s rights in Germany:

New comers ought to know this as it regards your bread and butter. 

Germany is a true heaven where employees are valued a lot. Employees are protected by a lot of organizations and if you call, someone would listen.

Employees are not exploited in Germany and they don’t need to live at the mercy of a mean boss.

House furnishing:

Finding a new house in Germany is very easy and the expenses are friendly. But the surprise is that once you move in, the apartment is empty.

Probably, when you move into a new house, you will have some cupboards, a kitchen sink etc. But here in Germany, you might not even have light fixtures let other things aside. 

So it’s better to buy your own thing from a used furniture store when you move into a new apartment.

Convenient public transport:

Germany mostly uses public transport. Vehicles are always maintained clean and are on time. It is a good experience to travel.

Statements like “the bus or train were delayed because some sort of work undone or going on” will not be accepted in Germany.

Discipline and punctuality are greatly respected here.

New German cities are built for bikes:

The basic roads of Germany are built for all types of vehicles. You could say pedestrian, bicycles and four wheeler as well.

But if you look at the roads of new cities, the cheapest mode of transport is bike. Most of the roads are deliberately designed for bikes. Besides you will frequently see cyclists here.

Education system:

The German educational system is one of its best features and in addition, it is FREE. 

You don’t need to pay anything to the university or in some particular cases, you will have to pay some hundreds of Euros per semester.

Compared to the US where you have to pay a quintal of debts, you can receive full salary without any need to pay debts.

Food Habits:

There are a wide variety of food selections in Germany. Most foreigners only know about sausages and beer. Different types of meat and desserts are available.

There is a huge range of bakery goods like breads. In fact, you might not be able to have the comfort of getting your own food but still, you have a lot of delicious options to try.

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