How important is Learning French today?

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French is the one language that is being learned around the world. The enrolments to learn this language is increasing by over 50% everywhere in Asia and Africa. 

French is a reflection of both the rich cultural and historical heritage of France. Also known as a worldwide Francophone.

French is also termed as the global business language. Moreover, it is an international diplomatic language with growing importance.

Many are aware that French is the second largest foreign language after English taught throughout the world. Moreover, French is the only international language spoken across five continents

Over 28 countries have French as their official language is sufficient to state its importance throughout the globe. However, several international organizations including the United Nations, the International Red Cross Association, International Olympic Committee, and UNESCO consider French as the official working language along with English.

Why Learning French is important?

French is a good language to learn if you plan to learn other romance languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian. Learning the importance of the French language can help you to understand your language better.

Let’s check out the other major reasons contributing to making French as an important language. Another fact is that French has the most words spread out over many different languages. 

Reasons making French as an important language:
  • Over 274 million people speak French worldwide.
  • French has troop’s presence in over 15 countries throughout the world. The importance of the French language extends into the military power of France. It also boasts the most advanced telecommunication systems.
  • The surprising fact is that over 40% to 50% of English vocabulary comes from the French language.
  • French is the only language other than English spoken over 5 continents.
  • The number of people speaking French is rapidly growing.
  • Africa stood at the top with the highest French speakers in the world.
  • Not only in Europe but also throughout the globe, French could be the most widely spoken language for decades.
  • According to Bloomberg “French is the third most useful business language.”
  • Over 87 major international organizations use French as an official administrative or working language.
  • French is the 6th most common language on the Internet.
  • For English speakers, French is one of the easiest languages to learn.
  • Over 29% of modern English vocabulary is from French.
  • For English speakers, French is the easiest language to learn.
  • French may not be only the language of the present or past but also for the future. Over half-billion speakers “French is the most widely spoken language in the world by 2050.
  • Most French speaker’s opinion is “Speaking French fluently attracts the listeners. “
  • Another interesting fact is that “French is the “language of love”, because of its attractive appeal. Because anyone listening to French wants to hear more and more even if they don’t know the language.
  • French is the primary language used in overseas business both in manufacturing and services. Distinct French products include beverages like liquors and wine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and nuclear reactors exported to numerous countries worldwide.
  • Learning a foreign language helps you largely to get familiar with several cultural understandings of that country. However, on a language basis, culture forms. Moreover, by learning the language, you can get a brief idea of that country’s culture.

French has the most words spread out over several different languages. However, learning its importance can help you understand your language better! Want to know about distinct levels of the French language? Feel free to visit us at any moment at texasreview.

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