How can I improve my French Language Skills

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Any new language you have recently started learning will create a bunch of problems you might wonder how to solve. This happens often. Language learners often start with reading textbooks, guides, translated scripts and many more.
But the point is that you have to start with speaking. If you spend all your time in reading, you can never advance in speaking. In this answer, we try to present some easy but effective tips and tricks that make your French learning easier.

Read every day:

Reading helps a lot in learning the traditional literature apart from spoken usage of the language. Whatever the interest you have; food, sports or anything you like. If you are a literature lover, then read the literature which you love in English.
In addition to this, write the vocabulary you are new to. Online French magazines like Marie Claire and Vogue and newspapers like Le Monde or Liberation will help you a lot.

Read out loud:

While reading or listening to a French lesson, try to read it out and that too in a swift manner. This will improve your tempo and you will be used to unfamiliar words and French pronunciations. This allows you to read and speak faster. While doing this, always try for the best pronunciation.

Shadow technique:

Whatever it is that you wish to learn, ‘Shadow Technique’ is one of the best and reliable techniques to achieve success. This increases your fluency in language and accent as you talk parallel to what you listen.
Shadow technique is one that works on your instincts to enhance your mental reflexes. Through this practice, one can achieve speed and accuracy in no time. This technique deals with your muscle memory.
Listen to French audio clips like conversations or speeches (even lectures) as well as watch different types French programs in French including news channels.
All you have to do is talk parallel to them (along with the speaking character). Shadowing the dialogue will let you become aware of the conventional French as well as the French dialects (those which are socially spoken like local dialects).

Constant reviewing:

Review yourself again and again to know the mistakes you frequently commit. Remember that every time you review, you are perfecting your language skills and getting better day by day. You would speak faster and accurately with lot of inbuilt confidence.
Labeling things around you:
Label the objects around you with French stickers. Every time you see them, say it out loud its French name.

Listen to French Radio:

French pronunciation is mostly different from the scripts. So this becomes your crucial part of your language practice. Thanks to the technology and you can get to French radio ‘sans probleme’. You can listen to many different French programs about politics to theatre arts on ‘France Inter’.

Talk to yourself:

Believe! This technique is followed by almost everyone. Try this and you will see real miracles.
Get a French Chat partner:
If you seriously want to learn the language you should speak. You can exchange language with a native French speaker. every time your partner corrects you, your language will continuously develop. There are some websites like ‘conversation Exchange’ and ‘How do you do’

Make color – coded flash cards:

Flash cards sometimes become the important part of any training system. It will help you remember the gender of the nouns. The reason we recommend color – coded flash cards is; for example write all the masculine words on a red card and feminine words on a blue.
Even if you don’t remember that a specific word is masculine, if it is written on the red card, you will get to know what it is.

Repeat phrases for the whole day:

Repeating a word or a phrase constantly will make your memory good. In simple, it is getting by heart, but don’t look down at this process.
Here, we are trying to memorize not only the words but also their usage. It implies your memory. Every day take one or two French phrases and repeat them all day. Observe yourself after a month.

Change your technology settings:

This is one step sufficient to learn French language in no time. Make the language setting on your phone, tab and your PC to French. This will process the rest in your brain every time you sit in front of your computer.Click here for Tips to Learn The French Language

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