Hong Kong Work Visa for Indians

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Indians can travel to Hong Kong and stay in Hong Kong for free up to 14 days. Moreover, you have to provide a notification slip assisting your registration.  

Fortunately, candidates can obtain these through both online/offline using the services rendered by the texasreview  

This guide will help you learn from work permit visas for skilled workers to the accommodation of distinct Hong Kong visa types. Moreover, the eligibility needs for both permanent and temporary visas are quite strict; the process of application tends to go fast.  

Moreover, before proceeding further with Hong Kong work visa for the India process, It is essential for you to have a look at the application process. However, you can obtain an offer letter from a Hong Kong company.

Furthermore, the Hong Kong immigration service also says that there is no option to stay here in the country to search for a job.

If you have obtained your desired job and are living in Hong Kong, you are eligible to apply for a work visa from India to Hong Kong.

Moreover, if you have decided to move to Hong Kong to seek employment of your choice, you must apply for a Hong Kong work visa.

As discussed, the Hong Kong work visa requirements are tough as it is not a particular point-based system without any medical exam.  

Moreover, you have to demonstrate that you are well-qualified for the job and that it could not be done by a local professional. The surprising thing is that the Hong Kong visa application is free of cost.  

If you want to stay longer than six months in Hong Kong, it is necessary to apply for a Hong Kong ID card within a month of arriving. Moreover, if you have the card,  

You can easily apply for the job visa as it allows you to perform everything from flying through airport security using biometric gates to library books.  

What are the eligibility requirements of Hong Kong Work Visa in India?  

Before applying for a Hong Kong Work Visa from India, you have to gain a job offer from a Hong Kong company. This is ideal for those who are planning to work and settle in Hong Kong.

  • Obtaining a job in Hong Kong means that you’ll apply for  Hong Kong PR (permanent residence). 
  • You must be a graduate degree unless you’ve got tidy technical expertise in a very specific space. 
  • You must possess relevant expertise to the job role that you simply apply for. 
  • The salary of your job should meet native skilled standards. (HK $20,000 is the bottom threshold). 
  • The company giving the work should prove that the precise position can’t be stuffed by a local skilled and/or there’s a brief provider of this specific ability within the town.
  • You will contribute to the Hong Kong economy. 

Required Documents from the Employee

  • Passport with at least a month’s validity  
  • Employment visa application form copy  
  • Employment offer letter  
  • Certificates, mark-sheets, and other relevant documents  
  • 2-3 recent photographs  
  • Health and Travel Insurance  
Required Documents from the Employer  
  • Hong Kong foreign professionals Application form
  • Copy of the employment contract listing all the employee’s details including post, salary, employment duration and benefits  
  • Copy of the company’s registration with the Hong Kong government
  • Company’s financial information  
  • Immigration services in Hong Kong are highly professional. Usually, it takes 7 to 8 weeks. If they require any additional documents, it may take a few more days. 
  • Hong Kong Work Visa Application process for India 
  • Once you are ready with all the required documents, submit the application to the Hong Kong immigration department.
  • You have to collect the approved visa from the native person of a metropolis diplomatic building. 
  • To accompany any of your relations, acquire a dependent visa. 
  • In case if you change to a different job, bear in mind that the present work visa can become a non-transferable one. However, the worker should acquire permission from the immigration department to use for a brand new one. 
  • If you have been operating for over seven years in the metropolis and residing here, you’ll apply for metropolis permanent residence. 

Remember that the Visa is not a right and it can be denied without specifying any reason. The Hong Kong visas are valid from the issue date not from the date of arrival in India. 

However, the visa processing fee is granted/denied for a shorter period than you applied for. You cannot amend or change the Hong Kong work visa once it is granted. The visa application acceptance doesn’t guarantee the visa grant automatically.

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