Guide to study MBA in UK for Indian students

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Guide to study MBA in UK for Indian students

 The United Kingdom has earned an unprecedented reputation for being home to some of the world’s best universities. The nation also holds recognition for being the favourite destination for MBA aspirants. The UK MBA universities offer a variety of specializations in various disciplines and are highly demanded by MBA aspirants.

Investing on your MBA degree from the UK is definitely a lucrative deal and will undoubtedly yield higher returns on investment. This blog is a guide to studying MBA in the UK for Indian students. Read on!

Importance of an MBA degree?

The MBA or Master of Business Administration is a graduate degree which is offered by Business Schools globally. An MBA degree provides core management knowledge and vital business practices which provides the student with the base for developing leadership and management skill sets. An MBA degree will help you develop business related skills and give you a deeper knowledge of subject areas like marketing, finance and accounting.

While MBA can be studied right after your undergraduate degree, some prefer to gain a few years of professional experience prior to taking up the program.

An MBA degree is academically challenging and expensive.  However, it can get you high returns on this investment. This degree can give a great start to your career with promotions and financial upliftment eventually. The top motivating reasons for prospective MBA students include working internationally, managing people and salary

increase. A successful completion of an MBA can boost your employment opportunities and lead you to an attractive salary.

Therefore, if you are someone with high ambitions, an MBA could be the right step for you.

Why study MBA in the UK?

  1.   The UK has a shortage of skilled managers and to cover the gap, the nation hires MBA graduates who can work and contribute to the UK economy.
  2.   World class infrastructure, quality education, flexible curriculum and global recognition are some of the vital features which attract lakhs of Indian students to the UK every year.
  3.   Duration of degree courses offered by the UK is shorter and therefore cost saving for international students.
  1.   The UK has a 1 year MBA program which reduces the cost and time required to study for the program.
  2.   A number of universities across the UK offer MBA programs at comparatively lower fees. Thus, reducing the burden of a higher expense.
  3.   The UK universities and business schools maintain closer links with industry people, creating an opportunity for you to directly interact with them. This interaction with business leaders will contribute to your overall knowledge and help you in your career.
  4.   Some of the top business schools in the UK allow their students to choose their own courses and select subjects according to their choice.
  5.   UK universities offer diploma, undergraduate, post graduate and research programs in business.

The 1 year MBA in UK for Indian Students:

The UK offers students with a 1 year duration MBA program unlike other countries. This short term MBA attracts thousands of Indian students every year. Due to its shorter duration, students get attracted to this course as this saves a lot of money and time. This program is highly opted by professionals who aim to gain the MBA degree in less time.

Eligibility for an MBA program

  •   Furnish school documents / transcripts and relevant certificates
  •   A 3-years bachelor’s degree from a recognized university,
  •   Minimum 1 year of work experience ( necessity in some universities)
  •   IELTS or TOEFL cut off test scores
  •   GMAT score
  •   LORs
  •   SOPs
  •   Funds
  •   Visa

What is the GMAT?

 The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a computer adaptive test taken by aspirants who dream of pursuing their MBA in their favorite B schools. This test is an entrance criterion with acceptability in over 2300 colleges and 7000 programs across the world.

It is a three and a half hour test with a maximum score of 800 points. It includes both subjective and objective questions. The GMAT syllabus is divided into 4 sections namely:

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment
  2. Integrated Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Aptitude section
  4. Verbal Reasoning Section 

UK Universities for MBA without GMAT

Luckily there are a few universities which do not require the GMAT for an admission. They are:

  • University of Central Lancashire
  •  Birmingham City Business School
  •   Lancaster University Management School
  •  Durham University Business School
  •  Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University
  • Warwick School of Business, University of Warwick
  • University of Edinburgh
  • HULT International Business School- London

Are you planning to pursue your MBA from a reputed UK University? A great GMAT score of 740+ will help your MBA application and make you stand out. Signup for our free trial and get trained for GMAT only with us.


Types of MBA programs in the UK?

 Various Business schools offer several types of MBA programs to cater to the needs of different students. There are 4 different types of MBA programs:

  1. Full Time MBA Program

The full time MBA degree is a general management degree that seeks to give on campus experience to students. These programs are designed to give you a two year -full time MBA program and are very popular in the United States.  The one-year MBA program is available in several institutions across Europe and Asia. The full time MBA has many formats.

  1.  Executive MBA Program

Executive MBA is a 1 year post graduate degree course and it is meant for working professionals. This course focuses specifically on the details of business and is less theoretical in nature.

  1. Part-Time MBA Program

The part time MBA program is generally for working professionals. This gives you the opportunity of pursuing an MBA program without missing out on your salary. The classes take place in the evenings, weekends or in flexible modular formats.

  1. Online MBA Program

Specifically for working professionals, the duration of an Online MBA is 2+ years. This type of MBA allows you to study while continuing to work at the comfort of your home. Many online MBA programs also allow you to pay per module and plan your own study time.

MBA Courses in UK  ?

A few MBA specializations include

  1.   MBA in Consulting
  2.   MBA in Marketing
  3.   MBA in Operation Management
  4.   MBA in Business Analytics
  5.   MBA in Supply Chain Management
  6.   MBA in Human Resources
  7.   MBA in Health Care
  8.   MBA in Finance
  9.   MBA in Entrepreneurship

 Few Scholarships for MBA to study in the UK

  •       Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  •       Hornby Scholarships 2018
  •       Chevening Scholarship
  •       Oxford India Centre Scholarship
  •       University of East Anglia Scholarships
  •       Education Grants by Tata Trusts
  •       Academy Asia Senior Fellowship
  •       Inlaks Scholarships
  •       Felix Scholarships
  •       Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships
  •       The Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  •       The Rhodes Scholarships India
  •       Graduate Scholarships at LSE
  •       Research Council UK Scholarships

Career after MBA in the UK?

Employers in the UK look forward to hiring MBA graduates. Big names like JP Morgan Chase & Co, HSBC, Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte, Google, Microsoft etc. hire the maximum number of MBA’s. Furthermore, the demand for MBA graduates in the Health Care Sector, NPOs, Multinationals and Start Ups have gone up since a decade. A number of MBAs also launch their own businesses and ventures.

An MBA prepares you for jobs in a variety of sectors and roles. MBA jobs include:

  1.   Investment Banker
  2. Management Analyst
  3. Management Consultant
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. Operations Manager
  6. Finance Manager
  7. Financial Advisor
  8. HR Manager

Best Universities in UK for MBA

  1.   London Business School
  2.   University of Cambridge, Judge Business School
  3.   University of Oxford, Saïd Business School
  4.   University of Warwick, Warwick Business School
  5.   Imperial College Business School
  6.   The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School
  7.   Durham University Business School
  8.   City, University of London, Bayes Business School
  9.   Cranfield School of Management
  10. University of Edinburgh Business School

 The Post Study Work Visa in UK

The Post Study Work Visa is a temporary visa that allows international students to live and work in the UK after completion of their course. Students can now stay upto 2 years after graduation and 3 years after their PhD as per the PSWV program. This program is designed to retain the best of students from all disciplines and provide them with the best employment opportunities in the UK.

Why Texas Review?

Texas Review is a leading overseas consultancy which prepares students for study abroad along with taking care of the admission and immigration needs. Training for different competitive exams such as the GMAT, GRE, OET, and SAT are also provided by us with an effort of taking you one step closer to your dream university with a tie-up with over 300 universities globally. We have a world-class team of authorized mentors who go the extra mile to assist you in your test preparation odyssey.

Our Offerings:

  • Expert Admission Counseling

A clear assistance will be delivered in choosing the right university with a befitting program in which you can build a bright career.

  • Free Visa Processing

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  • Standardised Tests

We provide success oriented test prep  for IELTS, PTE and TOEFL from adept trainers with vast hands-on experience and 24/7 assistance.

  •  Personalised training

Our goal is to provide expert training for standardised tests which injects you enough confidence for a better performance.

  • 1 Year Course Validity 

You can retake the course, if you are not satisfied with your earlier Performance in the test.

  • Pre departure Guidance

We guide you with all the essential information about immigration and post landing advice.

  • Visa Slot Booking

We will book the VISA slot online to schedule your interview and provide you the guidance on tackling interview

  • Abroad Job Assistance

We leave no stones unturned in getting you the right job according to your skills and experience.

Texas Review Consultants provides you with a personalized advisor who solves your queries with utmost dedication and patience.

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