GRE 330+ Scorer Tips to Score High

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A perfect GRE score may seem like an unattainable goal but, is that the case? Well, not entirely true. For a competitive exam, planning based on your strengths and weaknesses is the key, so is the case for GRE too. 

This blog here will help you have a clear insight into what a perfect GRE score is. Also, we can delve deeper into aspects like crucial points and 330+ scorer tips for GRE.

GRE Test Pattern

As per the 2020 update, the total duration for the GRE test is 3 hrs 45 min. There are six sections with a 10-minute break following the third section. According to the GRE Test pattern 2020, the unscored and the Research section do not count toward the actual GRE 2020 score. The research section may be included in the place of the unscored part. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections are scored on 130–170 scales.

For your reference, the ideal score range breaking for Graduate Record Examination(GRE) is below:

Verbal Reasoning score range: 130–170

Quantitative Reasoning score range: 130–170

Analytical and Writing score range: 0–6

Your performance in the three modules makes up for a total GRE score. All the schools check your Quant score, Verbal score, Analytical score, and Writing score. You can take multiple GRE tests. However, there is no guarantee that the schools would pick your highest GRE score. Thus, you must follow a regime with useful GRE tips and score the best maximum in the 1st attempt itself. 

What Exactly Is a Top 330+ Scorer in GRE?

Before we begin to tell you what this score is all about, first, you need to understand that the 330+ score means getting the 98th percentile of all the GRE scores. This means only 2% of the test takers get this score. Now, no need to run your panic buttons. The score might sound not too attainable, but it is not entirely impossible. A 320, as you all know, is considered to be a good score. Then why 330 is hard to attain, you say? The difficulty level of the questions exponentially increases from 320 to 330. So, a 330+ scorer for GRE statistically places you high on the ladder to get into the top schools.

All It Takes to Get a Perfect GRE 330+ Score: 7 Tips

  • Knowledge

Knowledge is a crucial aspect of GRE prep. Learning about every module of the exam pattern like quant, analytical, verbal, and writing is imperative. Thorough knowledge in Grammar, basic, and advanced concepts that you are tested on, math formulae, and, most importantly, your vocabulary will help climb the ladder. GRE test is known for its high standards in testing vocabulary. We agree that gaining knowledge is vast when it comes to the magnitude of concepts that you need to cover. However, a holistic approach is your best alley to map your route to success. For this, start with chalking down your strengths and weaknesses in all the modules first. From then on, the journey sure isn’t a shaky one.

  • Skills

Now that you have your strengths and weaknesses chalked out and are ready to begin your prep, the essential step is to identify the skill set required and hone it. Especially while tackling quant and logical reasoning or any module for that matter, figuring out the answers using the elimination process is a skill that you need to know to score a 330+ in GRE. With so many modules to cover in a given time, it is imperative that you also need to master time management. After getting your basics right, and are thorough with your concepts, ensure that you hone these skills. For this, the best and sure-shot approach is to practice, practice, and practice. Well, you already know that it is only with practice that you can attain perfection. 

  • Strategy

For an exam like GRE, having thorough concepts and honing your skillset isn’t enough. It is a test that needs an impeccable strategy, especially if you are looking for a score as high as 330+. Getting through the 4 hour time, figuring out what to answer 1st and what to skip, not wasting your time on a set of questions that would kill your time, figuring out easy solving techniques are the few strategies that you must and should master. Mastering one or two skills is not enough. For example, if you have a fantastic vocabulary or have your math concepts at your fingertips, strategizing to use your skillset is what will get you to the 330+ scorer list. Also, figuring out how much you can get wrong is mandatory. In the verbal module, maybe you can miss 1 question but, quant you can’t afford to. And, for analytical writing, a 6 score is a must. So, that means there is no room for error whatsoever!

  • Attention to Detail

It is all in the tiny details. To score as high as 330+ in GRE, attention to detail is fundamental. While figuring the concepts or getting your practice papers done, the tiniest of the details is crucial too. Ensuring that you have covered every bit of the details would only further make your prep level at its peak. Once you are well versed with every minute aspect of the topics and strategize accordingly, the whole ride isn’t cumbersome. 

  • Use High-Quality Practice Material

So, you are great with every tip listed above, but, sorry to burst your bubble, the most significant of all is using high-quality practice material. Because practice is one of the best GRE 330+ scorer tips, you must get your hands on top-quality material. 

  • Self – Motivation

You sure must have heard the saying, “It is not about the destination, but it is about the journey.” In this case, for you to reach 330+ is your goal. And, that itself should be your sole motivating factor. With so many modules to cover and so many strategies and skills to master, the journey might get cumbersome. However, keep your map to reach the goal always in mind, let it be the motivating factor. Think about what you could accomplish with a top 330+ score in GRE; think about what it means to you. While having someone else as a pushing force might do wonders, in this case, you playing the part is a crucial factor in reaching your goals. Yes, it is cumbersome but, isn’t every journey that takes you to higher places is?

  • Time Management

Hard work sure will help you reach greater heights, but smart work is what will help you reach up the ladder and stand tall. Using your time wisely is what you need and is the best GRE 330+ scorer tip. Once you have mapped your plan, always assess and analyze the time you are catering to every module. Time your practice papers. Time your prep for every module; check if you are taking more time for some concepts and less for some. Accordingly, make changes to your plan. 

On a closing note, let your goal be the sole focus and, the GRE tips we have listed above will pave the path for you.

Good Luck!!!

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