Global Talent Stream adds five new eligible occupations to program

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ESDC has expanded the Global Talent Stream to a variety of eligible engineering positions.

 ESDC is a government department that works to support Canada’s labour force, and so has oversight over many immigration matters—including issuance of Labour Market Internal Assessments (LMIAs) and oversight of the GTS; a work permit program with expedited processing created to help Canadian employers hire foreign skilled workers in the technology sector.

What are the new occupations added to the GTS?

Previously at 12 positions, the list of eligible occupations has now expanded to 17 with the addition of five engineering roles.

These are:

  • Civil Engineers (NOC code 21300);
  • Electrical and electronics engineer (NOC code 21310);
  • Mining engineers (NOC code 21330);
  • Aerospace engineers (NOC code 21390); and
  • Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers, NOC code 21311).

 Why have more occupations become eligible?

The list of eligible occupations for the GTS changes according to Canada’s labour market needs; the inclusion of these five new positions is likely telling of an internal need for engineering labour in Canada.

Among these measures include:

  • The introduction of the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot (NBCWP)—which works with six employers to directly address New Brunswick’s labour needs;
  • The removal of barriers to permanent residence for physicians (amid historic labour shortages of healthcare workers) applying through Express Entry; and
  • The approval of Bill C-19; which grants the immigration minister the power to create groups in the Express Entry pool (based on policy needs like in-demand positions) and issue invitations to apply (ITAs) to these groups. Consequently, Express Entry will likely target occupations more in 2023.

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