How to Deal with Backlogs When Applying for Study Abroad?

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How to Deal with Backlogs When Applying for Study Abroad

What is a Backlog?

A Backlog is an exam that you couldn’t clear on your first attempt. Many people often confuse a backlog with absenteeism. Whereas absenteeism is nothing but the absence of the candidate from writing the exam due to some genuine reason. All educational institutions issue backlog certificates to students by mentioning the total number of active and dead backlogs they have.

What is an Active and a Dead Backlog?

Active Backlogs are exams that the candidate has not cleared yet, whereas dead backlogs are no longer considered backlogs because the student has already cleared them. Many students and their parents doubt whether dead backlogs affect placement. The answer is clear: a dead backlog is a resolved backlog, and it will not affect your placement as you have cleared it beforehand. If your question is whether backlogs affect your study abroad plans, the answer is yes. Backlogs have a crucial role in deciding your admission to the course or university of your choice.

Top Countries Accepting Backlogs

Backlogs are never a barrier to your study abroad dreams.

Some universities in the top countries of the world accept international students even if they have backlogs. Let’s explore the countries and the universities accepting students with backlogs.

  • The United States of America

As a top study-abroad destination, the USA always opens up opportunities in front of aspiring students. 

Universities in the USA Accepting Students with Backlogs

Here is the list of US universities that accept international students with backlogs.

University Location Number of Backlogs Accepted
Wichita State University Kansas 0-5
Wright State University Ohio 0-5
Kent State University Ohio 0-5
Marist College New York 0-5
Gannon University Pennsylvania 0-5
Clarkson University New York 0-5
Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago 5-10
Pace University New York 5-10
Clark University Massachusetts 5-10
Missouri State University Springfield 5-10
California State University San Bernardino 5-10
Pittsburg State University Kansas 10-15
Old Dominion University Virginia 10-15
Rowan University New Jersey 10-15
  • The United Kingdom

In the UK, many universities accept up to 15 backlogs for a student. 

Universities in the UK Accepting Students with Backlogs

Here are some of the Universities in the UK that accept backlogs for academic admissions.

University Location
Coventry University Coventry
Teesside University Middlesbrough
De Montfort University Leicester
University of Portsmouth Portsmouth
University of East Anglia Norwich
Leeds Beckett University Leeds
University of Hull Hull
University of Lincoln Lincoln
Nottingham Trent University Nottingham
  • Canada

Though the number of universities and colleges in Canada accepting students with backlogs for academic courses is limited, some institutions accept backlogs. 

Universities in Canada Accepting Students with Backlogs

These are the Canadian universities that accept backlogs for academic admissions.

University Number of Backlogs Accepted
Concordia University of Edmonton 0-5
Cape Breton University 0-5
Royal Roads University 0-5
Yorkville University 5-10
Thompson Rivers University 5-10
Wilfrid Laurier University 5-10
  • Australia

As one of the prominent destinations for international students, Australia admits students with backlogs into their reputed universities.

Universities in Australia Accepting Students with Backlogs

Explore the universities in Australia that accept international students with backlogs.

University Number of Backlogs Accepted
University of Sydney 0-5
University of Melbourne 0-5
Monash University 0-5
Queensland University 0-5
Flinders University 5-10
Curtin University 5-10
University of Technology Sydney 10-15
La Trobe University 10-15
University of New Castle 15+
University of Southern Queensland 15+
Murdoch University 15+
University of Wollongong 15+
James Cook University 15+


Apart from these countries, you can find more countries that admit international students with backlogs to pursue education at their reputed universities based on some specific criteria. 

Now, let’s have a look at the key factors that influence the acceptance of students with backlogs in these countries.

Key Factors Affecting the Acceptance of Backlogs 

  1. The overall academic performance of the student who has backlogs: If the student’s overall academic performance is not up to par, most universities prefer to consider the student’s academic backlogs as part of filtering the students.
  2. The subjects in which the student has backlogs: If the backlogs a student has are not in a subject directly related to the course of his/her interest, the chances of them getting admission in that course are higher.
  3. The Time taken by a candidate to clear their backlog: The overall time taken by the student to clear a backlog has a crucial role in deciding the admission of a candidate into a particular course.
  4. Current status of a backlog: While applying for study abroad, a candidate has to consider the current status of their backlog. If it is a dead backlog, the chances are high for the student to get admission into the preferred course. Otherwise, you have to wait for the decision of the university authorities. Thus, backlogs do affect your study abroad plans.

How to Apply for a Visa With Backlogs?

Students can apply for a visa even if they have backlogs if they receive an acceptance letter from the university they applied to. Though backlogs are not directly involved in the visa application, at times they may affect the visa approval. However, many global universities accept students with backlogs to pursue their higher education.

The only place where you have to explain convincingly about your backlog situation and demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm is the visa interview. Anyhow, global educators know that a student must not be judged based on his/her backlog.

Tips to Deal with Backlogs When Applying for Studying Abroad

Though dealing with backlogs when applying to study abroad can be a challenging situation, it is not an impossible task. Here are some tips that you can follow to address this issue and improve your chances of being accepted into a study program abroad.

  • Understand the Requirements

Different universities in different countries may have different policies about backlogs. So, you have to go through the admission requirements of the universities and colleges you are interested in. Ensure that you are aware of their specific requirements, including the maximum number of backlogs they accept or restrictions on specific subjects with backlogs.

  • Enhance Your Academic Performance:

The best way to deal with your backlog is to prioritize your studies and put more effort into improving your academic performance. Join coaching classes, seek help from expert mentors, and invest more quality time in learning the topics that you find difficult. 

  • Retake the Exams:

If you have backlogs on particular subjects, prepare well and retake those exams. It will show how committed you are to the work assigned to you.

  • Be Honest About Your Backlogs:

When applying for study abroad, you may have to submit an explanation of your backlog situation along with your application. Be honest about your academic challenges and highlight the steps you have taken to address them.

  • Create an Excellent Personal Statement:

You have to submit a personal statement along with your application. Make sure that it is well-structured, including all your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, etc. It must showcase the intensity of your passion for the particular field of study.

  • Arrange Letter(s) of Recommendation:

Secure strong letters of recommendation from your professors or mentors who can vouch for your commitment and excellence. It helps to build a positive perspective on your application.

  • Prepare Well for the Interviews

If you receive an invitation for Academic interviews as a part of the admission process, be well prepared to convincingly explain about your backlogs and demonstrate your dedication to academic success. Make sure that you exhibit enthusiasm and determination to pursue your studies abroad.

  • Apply to Other Universities

Backlogs do affect your study abroad plans. There are limitations for international students with backlogs. So, you should consider alternative options as well. You can search well for universities that offer the courses of your preference, even if you have a backlog. So that you won’t lose a year. You can seek guidance from a reputed study counsellor or an immigration consultancy.

Texas Review: Your Trusted Study Abroad Partner

Texas Review, being one of the top-rated study abroad and immigration consultancy in India, takes all essential steps to help you achieve your dream of studying abroad by cleverly dealing with your backlogs. Our experienced and expert mentors will help you to craft a proper and useful study plan. With proper guidance and timely suggestions, you can improve your academic performance and secure a seat in the desired abroad university. 

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