Common Mistakes In PTE And Tips

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Tips and Mistakes to Avoid in PTE


1) Don’t take a pause for more than 3 seconds and if you do so, the microphone will get closed automatically.

2) If you commit a mistake, continue reading. Going back to correct yourself and hesitations will affect your scores.

3) The accent is not important but oral fluency, pronunciation, and intonations matter a lot.

4) Don’t be in a rush. Maintain a normal speed so that your speech is understandable.

5) Do not take word-for-word for the Re-tell lecture.

6) Do not read the punctuation marks.

7) Continuity of speaking should be there. If any pauses cover-up with the fillers such as umm, eh… etc

8) Errors such as replacements, omissions, and insertions will affect your score.

9) Do not speak before the microphone opens. Instead of practice.

10) Wait until the status shows “Completed”. If you go for next before the status “completed” the answer will not be recorded.

11) In Describe image and Re-tell lecture, all the points, relationships, implications and conclusions should not be ignored. They should be described well.

12) In Short Answer Questions – part answers and incorrectly spelled words should be avoided.

13) Concentrate as there will be no time to tune into.


1) Check spellings, punctuation marks and grammar, Task response, Coherence and cohesion, linguistic range, written discourse and vocabulary as they play an accurate role.

2) In Summarize written text – do not go beyond one sentence and the sentence should end with a full stop.

3) No voluntary information.

4) Do not repeat the words – instead use synonyms and paraphrase.

5) Word limit and time should be noted.


1) Do not get stuck up for any unfamiliar words. Try to guess the meaning from the content of the sentence.

2) Beware of the Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers as it is having negative marking. So select option confidently.

3) Avoid any ungrammatical or illogical words in Fill in the blanks options.

4) Answer all the questions.

5) For Multiple – Choice, Choose Single Answers and Multiple – choice, Choose multiple Answers – do not read the passage first. Instead, read the question. Follow Scan and Skim strategies.


1) Make sure the recording is played only once.

2) Stick to the word limit.

3) Check “Time remaining”.

4) Check the Content, Form, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Spellings.

5) Do not make an attempt to read while listening (Highlight Correct Summary)

6) Make sure to eliminate incomplete and incorrect information.

7) Concentrate on the main points while listening.

8) Taking notes is important and does not take word-for-word.

9) For Highlight incorrect words and Fill in the blanks move the cursor as per the sentences. If you miss any answer do not try to listen to the missing information as the Audio will not stop.

Note: Whatever the questions in all the four modules – there is no “go back”. Once you are done with the “Next” button. 

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