Study Abroad New Rules: Where Are We Heading in 2024?

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2024 has been a strange year for international student visa rules. While conventional study destinations like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia have implemented strictness on student visa applications; on the contrary, non-conventional study destinations like Germany, France and Ireland have eased the visa rules.

Despite implementing new changes in the visa rules, the Indian Student Mobility Report 2024 says 8.5 lakh Indian students out of 10.3 lakh Indian students went to study in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia and spent USD 34 Billion for the 2023-24 academic session.

Germany, Italy, Ireland, Singapore, Russia and the Philippines are the other countries Indian students went to study apart from the Big 4.

Taking note of Indian students spending such a huge amount of money on overseas education, non-conventional countries like Germany, Italy, Ireland and France have curbed the student visa rules and made it easy for Indian students to come to their countries for studying purposes.

For example, Ireland now offers a two-year post-study visa for international students. France has introduced a five-year Schengen visa for Indian students.

So, it is eventually a win-win situation for Indian students. Apart from the traditional Big 4 countries; the non-conventional European countries like Ireland, Italy, Germany and France are also warmly welcoming the Indian students to study there.

Here, one point not to be missed is the huge USD 34 Billion spent on overseas education; along with tier 1 metro cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi or Bengaluru; the tier 2 cities are also contributing.

So, overall, new avenues are opening for Indian students who are aspiring to study abroad. Along with tier 1 cities, the tier 2 cities are also contributing to India’s overseas study growth.

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