Canada launches Special Temporary Residence Pathway for Ukrainians

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Canada launches Special Temporary Residence Pathway for Ukrainians


A fast-track visa processing pathway for Ukrainians is now accepting applications.

Ukrainians and their immediate family members of any nationality may stay in Canada for up to three years. The Government of Canada encourages CUAET applicants to apply for a three-year open work permit with their visa application.

Under this special program, Canada has waived many of the usual requirements regarding visitor visas and work permits. Ukrainians in Canada can apply for a three-year extension of their visitor or work permit status, apply for a new work or study permit, or renew their existing permit. IRCC will also waive all work or study permit renewal fees and application fees.

The CUAET was originally announced in early March, with the goal to simplify and speed up the immigration process to Canada by allowing Ukrainian nationals to apply directly online. This will allow Ukrainian nationals to reunite with their immediate and extended family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and settle in Canada permanently.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not reject this possibility. The prime minister said at a press briefing Wednesday that if there is enough demand Canada will respond with extra measures.


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