Canada Express Entry Requirements

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“What are the requirements for the Canada Express Entry?”  It is a frequently asked question and if you have the same question, you have come to the right page. Straight to the point, the eligibility for the Canada Express Entry is finalized by a unique point-based system. And it is said to be CRS (Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System). Note, the Express Entry CRS is made to choose the immigrants who could potentially succeed in the economic standards to live in Canada. Hence, there should be a point-based system to identify immigrants more effectively. Moreover, these factors are compared with the estimated economic success of the new immigrants to Canada. Such factors include age, education, and required language proficiency in addition to the work experience. However, if you have the required profile of the Federal Skilled Worker Program or Federal Skilled Trades Program or Canadian Experience Class, you are eligible for the Express Entry. (note: Canada Express Entry eligibility has no minimum score). However, in this article, we will present you with a detailed description of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Of course, the CRS is the major prospective immigrants were identified. Through this, you could come to know the minimum standard CRS points required for Canada Express Entry. Additionally, you can calculate the points you are eligible to and compare each other. If it matches anywhere around the required edge, you are in competition.

What is Canada express entry?

Express Entry is the quickest way for many people around the world who wish to migrate to Canada and settle as a permanent resident there. This process started in the year 2015. Within a short period of time, it became the crucial preference of Canadian economic immigration. Canada Federal Immigration programs report the applications to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees & citizenship Canada) which manage Canada Express Entry.

How to apply for Canada Express Entry?

The basic eligibility to attempt to migrate Canada is any bachelor’s degree with 2 years of work experience. Here, the foremost step is to get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECS). However, there are some benchmarks of the skill levels (like O, A, B, etc.) to select occupation as per the rules of National Occupation Classification. Furthermore, you should submit your Express Entry Profile for further validation. The point system defines the profiles. The applicants with high rankings are invited to apply for PR (Permanent Residency) by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Now, the point-based CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) considers the PR applications and accordingly it will take around 6 months. In addition to this, candidates should have a Job Match Account to register in Job Bank. Let’s see some important parameters which influence the Express Entry points;
  • Educational qualification
  • English language proficiency or French language
  • Age
  • Skills & work experience
  • It is helpful if you have a job offer from Canada
  • Spouse education, experience, and language proficiency
  • If the candidate completed his education form any Canadian university (additional points will be awarded)
Let’s see a tabular representation of Comprehensive Ranking system points for Express Entry:
Parameter Without spouse With spouse
Age 110 100
Academic qualification 150 140
Language Proficiency 160 150
Work experience in Canada 80 70
Academic qualification:
Presently, Canada is seeking young, skilled and efficient immigrants. Moreover, it is pretty much involved in gathering academically qualified immigrants. Furthermore, Canada prospectively considers Immigrants with a good level of educational qualification. Note that candidates without spouses and a common-law partner rewarded with more points than the other competitors with the spouse. However, If a candidate does not have graduated from high school, an Express Entry point he gets is zero.
English Language Proficiency:
The Canadian system, when it has to choose new potential immigrants through the Express Entry eligibility, it is of top priority to the applicant to be proficient in English. Of course, it tests 4  basic language abilities of the standardized English language test – IELTS. The candidate’s language ability in English and French were assessed to determine his/her Express Entry eligibility. In fact, Canada Express Entry Eligibility formula calculates the candidate’s language ability. Yet, there is a difference in the points the authority awards the applicant without a spouse and an applicant with a spouse or a common-law partner.  Moreover, the one without a spouse would gain more marks than the one with a spouse.

Work experience in Canada:

Canadian work experience will earn considerably good Express Entry points. It even enhances your probability of career success rapidly. Still in this category too, candidates with spouse and candidates without a spouse get different Express entry points.
How do they select PR under Express Entry?
Candidates have to create an online profile providing their credentials. Once they accept, the candidate is in competition. Provincial Nominee Programs and potential employers compare these profiles for the final decision. Hereafter, if the Canadian PNP or the efficient employer selects the candidate, he/she gains 600 CRS points for enhanced provincial nomination or up to 200 points for a job offer. Therefore, official Expert Entry draws select the finalists. Consequently, the candidate will get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian PR.

Do you know what categories exist under Express Entry?

There are 3 categories under Canada’s Express Entry program.
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW):
Note, There is a shortage of skilled people in every field of industrial, nonindustrial sectors including medical fields. This FSW program is designed to identify skilled workers willing to work in Canada. And, they are selected to Canada immigration.
Canadian Experience Class:
This is for experienced people. Those who have a minimum of 1-year full-time work experience in Canada. If the candidate has this qualification, the candidate is eligible for Canadian Express Entry.
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP):
Under this program, people who have 2 years of experience can apply for Canadian PR. There is a possibility for the employers in provinces, Canada and the territories can directly recruit required immigrants from the Express Entry pool. Candidates with enhanced provincial nomination or a job offer will score a good Express Entry score. Here are some Express Entry Canada provinces:
  1. Alberta (PNP)
  2. British Columbia (PNP)
  3. Manitoba (PNP)
  4. Nova Scotia (PNP)
  5. Newfoundland (PNP)
  6. New Brunswick (PNP)
  7. Ontario (PNP)
  8. PEI (PNP)
  9. Saskatchewan (PNP)
Among these, the most preferred Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada are the British Columbia PNP, Ontario PNP, and Alberta PNP. Interested candidates about provincial nomination can contact Canada PNP directly or through online for the Express Entry system.

Canada PR Invitation to Apply:

The selected candidates from the pool will get an Invitation to Apply for Canada Permanent Residency. For this, the candidate will have 90 days to submit the application. Besides, skill transferability will gain Express Entry points around 100. It states that if the candidate’s skills transfer well into Canadian society, the candidate might gain up to 100 points. Remember that there are different opportunities present under the Express Entry program. Proper awareness will make you close to success. All the best!!!

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