Best IELTS books for band 9

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Best IELTS books for band 9

Preparing for IELTS may seem a really tough task at times. But as long as you are determined, positive and have the best IELTS preparation books you need not worry. These books will help you understand the test and achieve a high score.

There are hundreds of books on IELTS preparation and it is difficult to pick the absolute best amongst those. Moreover, what helps one person may not be as effective for another. However, we have picked some of the best books for your solid IELTS experience. Use them to find out how to improve your IELTS exam scores and achieve a perfect band score of 9 !

  1. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS is the best for both the IELTS Academic and General training reading. This book contains step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks for all the sections of the test. Along with IELTS questions and answers, this book provides easy-to-implement strategies that every student looks out for. The book has eight full-length sample papers with detailed answers and a DVD for your listening and speaking tests. Bonus- the book gives you real-life experiences of IELTS takers.

  1. Barron’s IELTS Superpack

This book is filled with strategies, tips, and practice materials to master English language proficiency. An excellent book for both academics and professionals, it has everything to get you a good score. Barron’s IELTS Superpack combines all of the necessary Barron’s IELTS materials into one package.

Barron’s IELTS Superpack combines all of the necessary Barron’s IELTS materials into one convenient package. This comprehensive four-book set includes Barron’s IELTS, IELTS Practice Exams with MP3 CD and Essential Words for the IELTS. These three books are sold together in a single boxed set. It also comes with 2 CD’s and some online tracks. As you start this book its difficulty level goes up, posing a challenge. The more you overcome these challenges, the confident you are.

  1. The Road to IELTS

Offered by the British Council, this prep guide has a generous selection of full-length practice tests, mock papers, interactive exercises, and tutorial videos. Technically, an online official practice course The Road to IELTS is not a book and it has been created by the makers of the exam.

You have to download free IELTS practice papers to get an overview of IELTS. This book is helpful for your overall English ability.

  1. Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 and Volume 2

The IELTS prep guides from Official IELTS partners are a series of test materials in various volumes. These books have various volumes of CD/DVD for the listening test practice. Volume 2 includes  DVDs with useful videos of people taking the speaking exam. Each volume contains both academic and general tests. Students will get practice tests covering all academic and general training sections, answer sheets, tapescripts, typical examiner feedback, and more.

  1. Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7

Simone Bravermani’s ‘Target Band 7’ gives you easy solutions to some of the most typical questions. This book is a collection of tips and strategies to achieve a good IELTS score. Written by a person who himself has taken the test, this book provides you with straight-to-the-point techniques.

  1. Vocabulary for IELTS

Yet another official book from Cambridge, Vocabulary for IELTS, is a large IELTS library. This book focuses on Reading and has an extensive collection of practice activities that improve your vocabulary skills for the exam. One of the best IELTS Reading books, this helps you build your language skills in an interesting manner.

  1. Grammar for IELTS

This book focuses on building your grammar skills. Grammar is awarded a separate band score in both the speaking and writing modules. Therefore, this book offers interesting techniques to help you improve your grammatical skills. 

  1. IELTS Trainer

IELTS Trainer is a great book for full-length practice tests. This book contains six test modules with step-by-step advice. Considered as the best prep book for IELTS, this book has some audio CDs for improving your listening skills, skillful strategies with guidance, and good samples on writing, speaking, and listening tasks.

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