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Australia New Occupation List is Added to Skilled List - Texas Review

Australia New Occupation List is Added to Skilled List

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New Occupations added to Skilled List:

32 New Occupations added to Skilled List:

32 of the 36 occupations recently included in the skills list are new additions, the majority of which are academically based.

The Australian Government keeps on concentrating its relocation program on tending to abilities holes in the economy and the ongoing increments are empowering for experts from around the world.

Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List

Musician (Instrumental)

Environmental Manager



Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum)

Petroleum Engineer

Engineering Professionals (NEC)


Food Technologist

Environmental Consultant

Environmental Research Scientist

Environmental Scientist (NEC)



Life Scientist (general)


Bio technologist


Marine Biologist



Life Scientist (NEC)




Natural and Physical Science Professionals (NEC)

University Lecturer

Multimedia specialist

Software and applications programmers (NEC)

Horse Trainer

Regional Occupation List

Deer Farmer

Goat Farmer

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