Australia Announces Changes to 2024-25 Immigration Policy

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Recently the Australian federal government has announced its budget for the year 2024-25. There are a few significant changes announced to its migration policy.

Permanent Migration Program

The government will restrict the next financial year’s Permanent Migration Programme to 185,000 places whereas nearly 132,200 or 70% of places will be reserved for the skill stream.

Here, you need to remember that in the 2023-24 session, 190,000 places were stipulated. So, obviously, the number of seats has been reduced.

You can have a look at the table to understand the 2024 Skill Visa Categories.

Skill Visa Categories2024–25 Planning Levels
Skilled Independent16,900
State/Territory Nominated33,000
Business Innovation & Investment1,000
Global Talent (Independent)4,000
Distinguished Talent300
Skill Total1,32,200

*Here ‘Planning Levels’ refer to the estimated number of visas the government intends to grant in each category for 2024.

Reforming The Migration System

Starting from the year 2024-25, the Australian government will invest $18.3 million over 4 years to reform the migration system where $15.0 million will be spent on migrant worker education on workplace safeguards.

Changes in Visa Rules

  • From 23rd November, 2024 work experience requirement for the Temporary Skill Shortage visa will be reduced from two years to one year.
  • Starting on 1st November, the MATES (Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-career Professionals Scheme) program will offer a pathway for 3,000 Indian graduates and early career professionals to live and work in Australia for up to two years.
  • To draw in extraordinarily skilled immigrants for key industries, the National Innovation visa will be implemented.

The following information is the new changes added to the Australian Immigration budget for 2024-25.

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