Australia – Fixing Temporary Skilled Migration

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Australia – Fixing Temporary Skilled Migration

A new report by the Grattan Institute has recommended Australia should prevent low-skilled migrants from being granted temporary skilled shortage visas.

The report recommended there should be a transition away from the temporary skilled shortage visa, phased over time, and be replaced with a “temporary skilled worker visa” to encompass broader high-skilled roles in Australia.

The report released this week has recommended Australia should prioritize higher-skilled migrants who can earn $70,000 or more per year, to prevent worker exploitation and to ensure better pathways are created for permanent residency.

“Australia has the worst of both worlds when it comes to temporary skilled migration policy,” lead author of the report and Economic Policy Program director Brendan Coates said.

But Ms. Xaviera, one of the chefs from the Netherlands and currently working in NSW said this policy would exclude chefs like her, whose skills are much-needed in Australia and would not be earning $70,000 per year.

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