A preview of Canadian immigration

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Canada hopes that heightened immigration will continue to help this country develop socially and economically, while also working to reunite families and assist vulnerable populations through Canada’s capacity for humanitarian aid.

The most recent census revealed that immigrants now make up their largest-ever share of Canada’s total population (23%), besting a record that had previously been set 100 years ago.

Client Experience: Hope that IRCC application backlog continues to decrease

Additionally, IRCC has received $85 million in additional funding to “reduce application inventories” and has, between March 2019 and November 2022, increased “front-line operations staff” by 2,521 employees. The hope remains that these factors will continue positively impacting IRCC’s service standards and application backlog in 2023.

Immigration Levels Plan Target for 2023

Canada has set a record-high immigration target within the Immigration Levels Plan for 2023, suggesting that IRCC believes it can manage the backlog while also welcoming a high number of newcomers.

By immigration category, the 2023 Immigration Levels Plan target (465,000) breaks down as follows:

  • Express Entry: 82,880
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP): 105,500
  • Parents and Grandparents: 28,500
  • Spouses/Partners and Children: 78,000

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